The All-In-One Command Center Every Freelancer "And Co" Has Been Waiting For. Meet And.Co

The All-In-One Command Center Every Freelancer "And Co" Has Been Waiting For. Meet And.Co

In this week's app review, I look at And Co: the all-in-one command center for freelancers and independent service-based professionals. Digital Nomads, say hello to your new best friends. Say goodbye to draining admin work. 

8 Must-Have Apps for Freelancers & Business Owners

8 Must-Have Apps for Freelancers & Business Owners

A review of 8 Must-have apps for freelancers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. 

Work Hard, Play Hard: Can our friends be our clients?

Work Hard, Play Hard: Can our friends be our clients?

Can our clients/customers be friends, and can our friends be our clients/customers? 

We all know that our co-workers can be our best friends. But can our clients, customers, and employers be our friends? Can our friends also be our clients, customers, and employers? This is a touchy subject, one that I ask myself often when making moves towards a business relationship, or when considering moving a business relationship in the direction of friendship. 

New Record, Dragonfly - Coming Oct. 25th

Genre - Rock & Orchestral Rock 

Pre-Order Now, and use the code GiveMeGotwals for free shipping if you're picking up your CD in person - or if you want the digital download. 

This week, on the Book of Face, I announced the release of my new record, and EP "Dragonfly" on October 25th with Rewind Records. "But wait Jeremy, I thought you announced in September that you were working on Be Here Now?" Yes, that's correct, I am still working on Be Here Now, but in the mean time, I wanted to bring you a CD that could deliver a taste of what I have been working on. Dragonfly is complete with violin solos, rock guitar, cello, and the sound of full band upon cityscapes on a crisp October morning. You can run to my music, dance to my music, work to my music, and hopefully fall in love to my music.

Stay tuned for a special post about the other musicians on this CD. 

You will be able to purchase the CD along with individual tracks through my website.
Or, you can go through iTunes and other outlets. 
If you're in Indiana, the CD will be in local record stores. I will have samples on SoundCloud and youtube as well. 

Song lineup contains - 

Dragonfly - Rock 
Start Over Again - Pop-Rock
On My Way Home - Strings / Acoustic Rock
Run - Strings / Acoustic Rock
Parachute of Dreams - Strings / Acoustic Pop 

Many of you who have seen my shows have heard Parachute of Dreams and On My Way Home -- both are captured with a full band sound and beautiful strings. On My Way Home contains themes of leaving home, and finding your way back again. Parachute of Dreams is a love song the winters of being 20 - it's a dreamy tune that will hopefully whisk you away through notebooks and oceans of the sky. 

Start Over Again is a pop-punk / pop rock tune about the cycles and struggles of life. The sound is nothing profound, but the meaning comes from summer of 2011 when I had been stuck in a rut and finally found my way out. I just resurfaced the song for this album, because I have now quite literally reached the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one, in moving to Indianapolis.

Run is an easy song to listen to, and is close to the heart and core. Strings, acoustic guitar, drums, bass. It captures a time of heartbreak and feeling like things were "lost" - In those moments, when everything is falling, sometimes all you can do is run - and even if you're not running anywhere, or running from anything, you feel liberated because you're in the moment and everything you need is right here with you. 

Dragonfly came out as a rock song. Very simple song structure. Dragonfly, like Run and Start Over Again, comes from rising above a time of past-due rent, stuff being broken, and things falling down all around you. As the pieces fall... you cannot possibly count them all, or figure out what it all means. But you can rise above that, and just fly. Nothing is stopping you but yourself. 

At the end of the day, I hope that there's something in my music for everybody. 
This CD will give you a taste of what I've been working on.
There's much, much more, still to come. 

Finally Recording Album: Be Here Now

The time has come. I'm in the studio, now, finally, this month, before I leave Bloomington. Recording my Album - Be Here Now - at Rewind Records. 

There will be 10 or more original tracks on this album, with plenty of surprises, as few of you have heard all of this material. The past 7-10 years of my life are being put on the spot. Hard work, and dedication, unfolding. There's a giant piece of Bloomington in these songs - as well as all of my heart.

With the stellar musicians that will be accompanying me on some of these tracks, and their incredible skills and hearts, hopefully you'll hear it, and feel the same way that we do. 

Aaron Chandler - owner of Rewind Records - is partnering with me as the producer of this debut album. I want to thank the awesome team at Rewind, in advance, for taking the time to work with me on this endeavor. Chandler has a stellar team of individuals from Bloomington, and from Indiana University, who are working hard to make things happens for bands and musicians like me. 

Also a huge shout out to the musicians who have agreed to play with me on this album. Some of them have already been playing shows with me for years, and so they've seen many ups and downs, and It's really exciting to be working with them (Finally) on getting this thing done. I will announce their names in an upcoming post. 

The release date is not official, but we're looking to finish this album in September, with release this fall. Stay tuned, and thank you all for your long time support.