Work Hard, Play Hard: Can our friends be our clients?

Work Hard, Play Hard: Can our friends be our clients?

Can our clients/customers be friends, and can our friends be our clients/customers? 

We all know that our co-workers can be our best friends. But can our clients, customers, and employers be our friends? Can our friends also be our clients, customers, and employers? This is a touchy subject, one that I ask myself often when making moves towards a business relationship, or when considering moving a business relationship in the direction of friendship. 

New Website look, and new things to come.

Well, Spring is here, and while I spent most of the winter designing fresh websites for tons of awesome clients (*portfolio coming soon), I've given my own hardly any attention.

This design features some custom CSS,  as well as some of the coding tools and CSS resources provided by Squarespace,  and has been designed and crafted by your's truly with some helpful creative suggestions from my lovely girlfriend and creative collaborator, Kari. I shot the background photo at the Sample Gates on Kirkwood, in Bloomington, IN USA. While, the photos in the "Galleries" section are by various photographers. 

There's a ton that I want to share with all of you, from the new music that I'm writing, to the things that I'm designing, as well as social media tips for creative professionals and business owners, and helpful hints for people interested in exploring meditation, or... starting a business. 

Also, I've picked up writing my novels again. 
While I've been publishing a ton of awesome books by great writers at my company, Holon Publishing

That's a lot of ground to cover for one blog / one website, which means that this design probably won't stay. I'll probably change it several more times in a short period of time, before I opt to simply diverge my music website from my personal/professional website and creative blog. 

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy what I share, and find it useful in your world. 


Engaging Compassion - Dalai Lama Louisville 2013!

Countdown to "Engaging Compassion" - The Dalai Lama's Visit to Louisville, May 2013. 

Just one more week to go, and an event that has been a year in the making will finally be here. His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be visiting Louisville, KY, May 19-21st, for a public talk and teachings on compassion. There's a larger story here, which myself, and my team at Holon Publishing will be sharing with you, the week of the event. You can get live updates about the "Compassion Countdown" from the staff of Morrison Marketing and Media at and also from the Drepung Gomang Institute of Louisville, KY. 

Where my story begins, however, is long ago - as a young teenager, caught between world-views, and on a quest for truth - in 2003, when I first heard His Holiness speak, in my hometown of Bloomington Indiana. 

Here is marked, at the 10-year anniversary, a very auspicious landmark of great forces. His Holiness first met, on that day, with Mohammed Ali - and so, as it has come to pass, they shall meet again, on this 10-year anniversary. 

This anniversary not only marks my beginning on the path of the Dharma, but the beginning of my path as a musician - as in that very same year, I began to write and play music. 

Now, on May 19th, I will be performing May 19th, at the KFC YUM Center, in Louisville, at the Public Talk, right before His Holiness takes the stage.  

Learn more about my journey with Buddhism, Music, and more, on this Blog, or about all of the excitement of His Holiness' visit from the Holon Publishing and Morrison Media websites.